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Enzo is black with white markings pit bull/Stanford bull terrier. He is an absolute sweet heart and amazing personality!

We were camping on the Callazon FSR road in the Pine Pass between 7 & 8 km at the base of the bridge. He ran off chasing an animal across the FSR road, we searched all day and never found him.

Date et location de l'évènement:

Date: 2019-07-01
Address: Callazon Creek FSR
City: Pine Pass, V0J
State/Province: British Columbia, Canada

Callazon Creek FSR, Pine Pass, British Columbia, Canada


Pet details

Primary breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Secondary breed : Pit Bull
Primary color : Black
Secondary color : White
Gender : Male
Neutered : Yes
Microchip # : Yes

If you have seen Enzo, please contact:

Email : [email protected]
Tel : 2502198331
Cell : 2507194501