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Hairy (owner: shyrarosebam)

He got out my house around 4pm noticed when I got home around 8pm he snuck out and I was gone for a bit

Date et location de l'évènement:

Date: 2019-08-04
Address: 214 center street
City: Strathmore , T1p1g8
State/Province: Alberta, Canada

214 center street , Strathmore , Alberta, Canada

(41.6766, -70.1429728):8


Pet details

Primary breed : Chinese Crested Dog
Secondary breed :
Primary color : Wheaten
Gender : Male
Neutered : Yes
Microchip # :
Tattoo :
License :

If you have seen Hairy , please contact:

Email : [email protected]
Tel :
Cell : 4038313718