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All black with parts of the tips of his ears missing, some grey hairs sticking out but not many He has a red collar on with a chip but I forgot to register it here

He is at my moms in Châteauguay, QC and hasn’t gone back in two days She lives on Rue des Gardénias, Châteauguay, QC

Date et location de l'évènement:

Date: 2019-07-23
Address: 175 Rue des Gardénias
City: Châteauguay, J6J 1W3
State/Province: Quebec, Canada

175 Rue des Gardénias, Châteauguay, Quebec, Canada

(45.36867549999999, -73.73431269999998)


Pet details

Primary color : Black
Secondary color : --- Undefined ---
Gender : Male
Neutered : Yes
Microchip # :
Tattoo :
License :

If you have seen Zorro, please contact:

Email : [email protected]
Tel : 6138991245
Cell :